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Almost Famous

From time to time, we get an item in that's hard to embrace. Something that has "character," but perhaps lacks charm. More a Michael Berryman than a Doris Day. 

This dresser found its way into the store, and we admired it's um...useful size. It had a good...um...personality. We praised its potential.

Then we realized that we had to urge people a little harder to see the hidden attractions with a $25 price tag. And put it on the sidewalk.

But this past week it came back inside, as it was the perfect size for supporting a card display at eye level. And within a day, someone came in and recognized its star potential.

Yes, this character actor is moving on from mrs. huizenga to star as the dresser in the bedroom of a drug den on Hemlock Grove.

We're very happy for it.


Hauntingly Beautiful

Our Halloween window was evocative and eerie, thanks to a certain special staff member whose name begins with S.

Spooky, without being Halloweeny. Perfect.

You should have sneaked a peek at it on Instagram.

But it's here now, if you hadn't.

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We Are Golden


It's sometimes difficult to remember that we are a store in between auctions. The time between auctions is sweet, and all too brief.







So, in looking around the store, we see vignettes and moments and glimpses of the store at rest, and while it's not always sparking or glittering, it is like gold.

We see it in a shaft of sunlight, or in the swirl of bakelite, or in the glaze of pottery.


The items we have for sale sit resting, as if waiting for us to move them, or for someone to discover them.


Or for us to notice how nice it is to have them, even just for a little while.


It's as much about helping the right people find the right items.


Like the Cinderella's slipper, as we've said before.

Or a soft place to land at just the right moment.


Or, a light left on to welcome you home.

Please do enjoy the excitment of our auctions - but remember to come for some of the quiet moments in the store too. They're waiting for you.