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the c word

it happened last wednesday afternoon. a lovely young woman in a fair isle sweater drinking an eggnog latte said christmas in the shop . 

it has been bouncing around creating chaos, panic, and yearning ever since. folks are getting a gleam in their  eye that speaks of the coming storm-heck, mrs huizenga has a gleam in her  eye that speaks of the coming storm. 

the bell has been rung, the twinkly lights are on their way my friends. throw out last years all purpose flour and buy the new bag cause it is time to feel the love and eat the shortbread. ok, mainly feel the love... enjoy !


high parkdale is my home

mere moments away from my shop on roncesvalles lies the magnificent High Park. last thursday afternoon these actual ducks were swimming on this actual water. a snapshot for you, an inventory of smell and wind and conversation for lucky mrs h. 

since i have only recently become a camera carrying individual i am quite pleased with the postcard perfection of this image- it manages to convey a small piece of the magic that can be found, even in the middle of a bustling world class city. i hope your neighborhood offers you up moments of  such bliss.....


momoko had a mature look, and yet there could be no doubt that all these details were of her own choosing. the cool pallor, somewhat blanched, was in keeping with old-fashioned features not too deeply carved. the solitary earnestness made her the only object at odds with the beguiling charm. her beauty was too formally perfect; and as in the formal perfection of a paper crane it had in it something ominous.

passage from "the decay of the angel" by yukio mishima image by mrs huizenga