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your chocolate is in my peanut butter

as we scamper off into the head winds of january the shop is deep in a construction zone. every day brings new challenges for the fine citizens of roncesvalles. many of the local school children have picked up some spicy new words from the workmen who have dropped their workplace  down all over our avenue . they shout at each other to be heard over the machines and drills creating eddies of confusion and chaos. i have learned some interesting new theories about workplace politics which i won't harangue you with right now, suffice it to say if you can't say anything nice you shouldn't say anything at all...

mrs huizenga feels more like a haven than ever. we have lightened up the room for the new year and stripped away the extra weight that christmas brings with its  first world quantities. we have secured new treasures and touchstones for modern times and some damn fine looking  skirts. looking into the shop one sees a constantly rotating snapshot of eras and stylish thoughts. looking out the front door i can't help but replay the old reese's peanut butter cup tag line again  but tailored to my environment- you got your workplace all over my workplace no you no you no you.........the future lies ahead and we shall go boldly. wanna come ?


you can't take a gun to a snowball fight

i wish you the merriest of seasons, hopefully  featuring, but not limited to.... a small child to hold your hand, family heirloom recipes, fine scotch whisky, tears at the sound of carols from your past, a good soul to laugh with and joy randomly popping up when least expected.

i wish you a good toboggan run, a sleep in session that ends the drought of dreams, silly canapés and dr. seuss. 

but most of all i wish you peace and contentment, for all the days of your year. i know you would never take a gun to a snowball fight, not you.


thursday afternoon

if you happened to drop in this afternoon you would likely be tempted to rifle through the tea towels and bibs and  bobs of fabric. i find it pleasing when people take the time to explore the many layers the shop has to offer- at this point in the season the shop is so chockablock that  if you don't knock something over you really aren't doing it  right. get in there and muck it up.  if you don't bother to root i could have  stayed home.