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Something new to look forward to


The Morning After...

After the lovely salon on Thursday, some might think it's tedious for us to have to re-arrange the store, and then put the store back together (especially after a night spent indulging in bittersweet songs, adult beverages and home-made strawberry rhubarb pop tarts.)

Instead it's inspiring. We see things in new ways, and put things back together in different combinations.

We noticed before that we might host the perfect crowd for admiring our stock of boots - those who'd wear them with floaty dresses, and those who'd wear them with dapper shirts.
And we noticed after that our quilts need to be on cottage beds, so that people can nap on them and wake up with quilt patterns on their cheeks.

And somehow before, our table by the dressing rooms became worth of a 1930's screen goddess, who grew old and retired to Boca Raton, and had no lawn any more on which to keep her pink flamingo. After the event, it must have been popular, for then next morning we found it a touch déshabillé, and we like it that way.

Thanks to those who think of our space as more than a store. It's as much a character as anyone who enters and leaves it. And most leave it for the better.


La Belle Épark­dale

We have announced, La Belle Épark­dale, of course. But let's talk about it. Or write about it.

The space we have allows us to host more than our store and the Hookerson-Blogh auctions and fabulous vintage clothing sales. On Wednesday July 24th, having an elegant salon appears to be the thing to do.

This is a won­der­ful series of con­certs put together by fid­dler, singer, and wine-lover Miranda Mul­hol­land and food & wine enthu­si­ast Krysta Oben.

Hosting Kevin Kane and Patrick Brealey at Mrs. Huizenga is an opportunity to hear the music resonate through the old wood, comfortable upholstry, and industrial metal and bounce off vintage cocktail shakers and well-dressed mannequins. And to nibble on things and hold a glass just so.



We can look at Patrick Brealey here and see how he'd look just swell on our new-in-stock brocade Victorian sofa. He might even stop mid-song and wander over to admire a vintage wooden shoe tree, or think about taking home a pocket square to look spiffy (but maybe also to have on hand in case his glasses need a wipe.) Watching his official video for I Don't Want to Hear Another Love Song, one might worry that we'll all get up to dance and will need to mind our elbows lest a wooden crate with kitchen utensils goes flying. A reviewer states Mr. Brealey's music is "…filled to the brim with swag­ger, ten­der­ness, a pen­chant for per­cus­sive clank and above all, charisma.” - Hero­Hill"  - well, so goes the store. Especially the clanking and charisma.

Kevin Kane, as his bio says, has worn many musical hats (and photographs wonderfully wearing scarves and tousled hair.) A solo artist, record producer, session musican, educator and founding member of The Grapes of Wrath, he's as versatile as a store that sells antiques, beomes an auction house, hosts a soirée and also wears scarves beautifully.

His solo performances have been known to revisit and reinterpret songs from his back catalog and his voice is familiar to so many Canadians. A peformance in our store by such a talent seems fitting, and exciting. The strains of his music bearing a little sentiment... just a little nostalgia... in the course of a fresh performance? Well, that is kind of like how we love chippy-painted old shuffleboard pucks just as they are - but they are even better when used in a new way, such as a pedestal for the perfect jar of paint brushes or as the most perfect patinated folk art on your wall.

We can listen to the quiet and beautiful The Sinking Song today, and imagine lolling on that Victorian sofa that Patrick Brealey just vacated (he spotted a tartan suitcase under a table) and hear Kevin's fingers rasp on the strings a bit, and try to time our sips of wine so that we're among the first to applaud.

We hope you'll join us, and join the chorus in thanking Miranda and Krysta for bringing such an event to us.