karen found it 

karen found these amazing diaper pails. i would use them for compost or  icing beers but i am crazy that way...going to auction on thursday feb 21 at 7




what a good strong word that is. pretty close to action- but with u.

that is really the key to auction. people. you, in fact.

without a happy milling crowd of excited attendees there cannot be an auction. it is a one hand clapping kind of thing. takes two to tango. your favorite crowd analogy here.

if you have never been to an auction let me give you the 101, take the element of uncertainty out of the equation.

you show up about an hour before the show starts.

in this case, the preview starts at 5:30 and the auction begins at 7.

 have a look at the goods on offer and decide if you want to play. i have seen the items to be auctioned. going to be hard for you to say no..

to register, simply give us your name, email and phone number.

in return you will receive a card with a number.

you are now a key player in a wonderfully fun evening . you have the ability to bid on items offered up for your enjoyment. deals to be had. friendly competition with your neighbors. an evening for modern times.

when an item you covet is being auctioned off, you simply raise your arm when you hear the price you want to pay. there will be a neighbor or two who may also covet said object. this is the friendly competition portion of the event. 

if the item exits the ballpark price you are comfortable paying you simply stop bidding. let the other guy have that one, you'll get the next one. the fun is in the give and take, the roller coaster of possibility.

we have secured legendary toronto auctioneer mark toews for our first in house auction. never a dull moment when mark is in the room, after 20 some years, the man has this auction thing down !

 we will have beers and church basement sandwiches to fortify you through the ebb and flow of adrenaline an auction offers up. some tunes to keep you loose through the pre game. 

over the next few days we hope to step off the treadmill of organization long enough to post some photos of the inventory being sent to auction by GADABOUT, THE ARTHUR, FAIR JUDY'S, THE VINTAGE CABIN, KAREN FOUND IT, and TFCO. MRS HUIZENGA and a few secret contributors round out the evening. 

so, are you game ? come play with us this thursday night and help make high parkdale history as we bring the auction tradition to queen and roncesvalles. the 'hood will never be the same ! x0mrs



Vintage Dave


I’ve reinvented myself a number of times.

Growing up I was The Quarterback, in my 20’s and 30’s I was one of a number of patriarchs of a beer fueled rugby club, I’ve been a builder and a bureaucrat and a coach. Most challenging and also most life changing was my time as a stay-at-home Dad.

A few years ago I was again faced with reinvention. To say I was shipwrecked would be over-dramatic but I needed something, any of the old me’s were not an option. I had some time and a cushion to chose; I did need to choose. 

Who did I want to be this time?  Having kids made the decision process more difficult. The New Me had to be a grown-up, but one with the time to walk the kids to school and coach the teams and make the birthday cakes. The self assessment process, the audit of the tangibles, the sorting of the dreams , cathartic  if not all that revealing in the short term

I’ve been a lifelong collector of stuff, to raise funds I very tentatively ventured down Roncesvalles and into Mrs. Huizenga to sell a few of my hard won treasures. Mrs H and the other Store Ladies were encouraging and this led to more treasures and luckily more treasure hunting.

I was becoming a Picker. It’s a nice life but not really enough to be the New Me.

Kinda close through.

You can read my previous blogs here and maybe piece together a journey.  I can tell you were I am now though.

I’ve become a partner, fully integrated into the brand that is Mrs. H.  With a massive leap of faith we’ve moved the store down the street to a big new space.

Yesterday morning, early, 7ish, I was in the store mopping the floor. I had The Allman Brothers Band cranked  all the way to 11.

Absentmindedly reviewing the last few frantic weeks of renovation, moving and curating. I was thinking of some of the people who’d been in to see the space.

My cousin Portia had done some store displays while my cousin Rob got the phone working, My Dad had brought down a few items to Shock and Awe the customers. My sister had done an installation of 50 tea cups and saucers while my kids played a bone crunching game of tag (try quarterbacking that)

Simon dropped by, he’s a premier division picker who has rugby written all over him (Front row, hooker not prop).  His livelihood is based on finding things cheap and selling them.  He scooped up a Midge doll , pulled out his I-pad and five minutes later told us that $20 doll was really worth $125.  He could have, maybe should have, bought it and made himself $100 bucks.  But he didn’t. He’s not that guy.

My friend Jodie came in with her daughter Sadie. Sadie was cold so naturally I got her the most expensive coat in the store, a mink, and let her wander around dragging most of the hem behind her.  Not everybody “gets” a vintage shop. Jodie did. Sadie did. It was reinforcing.

So as I was mopping I had had the sudden realization that this was the new me.

This is going to be fun.



Oh, if you’re by any chance looking for a soundtrack to back up an epiphany try this one