Says Dave:


When we moved Mrs. H down the street last November it was scary exciting. Our vast new space made us feel cuspy ( now spellcheck will tell you that “cuspy” is not a word; if you’ve ever been cuspy you’ll know that spell check is wrong).

Cuspy is that feeling you have when jumping off a bridge into a dark lagoon, cuspy is dropping your kid off for her very first day of school, cuspy is starting your old red truck on the first try.


Cuspy is also signing a ten year lease with a hefty monthly nut

Figuring out how to pay the rent has been fun. The obvious strategy of buying awesome stuff and selling it works pretty well though really being cuspy dictates that you identify other platforms for nut management. So we take our show on the road and do the Junction Flea every month. We love it. We’re going to do many more shows in far off places this summer. We rebranded a bar. We’re building a yoga studio. We help people downsize. We visit hoarders. We audition for TV shows. We blog…

We hold a Cabaret! Singers, comedians, jugglers, burlesque ladies dancing in their underpants!

But by far the cuspiest thing (calm down Mr. Spellcheck) we do is our monthly auction. In collaboration with some friends we pack the store with treasure and have Mark auction it off. I’ve blogged about Mark here before. He’s a scene. We sell baloney sandwiches and Labatt’s 50. We have an after party. It’s designed so that amateurs can get cool stuff for their homes. Crafty old veterans are welcome but Mark makes sure that Loft Couple get a more than fair shot at those industrial stools.

The next Auction is Thursday March 21st. Preview is at 5:30pm. Mark starts the fire at 7 and burns it hot to about 9. You can see some of the items online and a few of the items are displayed in the store, mostly to torment our regular customers.

Its good cuspy fun

… and there were two of them: burlesque ladies dancing in their underpants.

In my store.

I didn’t see that coming.




more auction items from karen found it