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Smiling, Not Just for the Camera

SNAP is one of those feel-good publications that brings out the Nosey Parker in all of us. Who hasn't flipped through one hoping to catch a glimpse of a friend? We really need to thank Blair Woodward for capturing us at our finest - all aglow with anticipation for the auction that was mere minutes away from "GO!"

So this was maybe a little screen-grabby, but we're so happy to see everyone that capturing these images to lay out right here was irresistible.

It was a great night - we saw some new faces brought to us by that Globe and Mail article. Our old friends and current favourites were all there. The offerings were fun and interesting, as usual and there was the odd twist and turn. In this case, maybe some twisted knickers. (You had to be there.) The only thing that would make our auctions any better is adding more bidders to the scrum. Every person that comes changes the flavour of the day just a little. We were still smiling like this at the end of the night, and we'll be smiling on the 8th and 22nd this month, when it's time again to push the "GO" button.

The auctions? They're all great nights.


August 8th Hookerson-Blough Auction at Mrs. H


Something new to look forward to