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August 8th Hookerson-Blough Auction at Mrs. H


Something new to look forward to


The Morning After...

After the lovely salon on Thursday, some might think it's tedious for us to have to re-arrange the store, and then put the store back together (especially after a night spent indulging in bittersweet songs, adult beverages and home-made strawberry rhubarb pop tarts.)

Instead it's inspiring. We see things in new ways, and put things back together in different combinations.

We noticed before that we might host the perfect crowd for admiring our stock of boots - those who'd wear them with floaty dresses, and those who'd wear them with dapper shirts.
And we noticed after that our quilts need to be on cottage beds, so that people can nap on them and wake up with quilt patterns on their cheeks.

And somehow before, our table by the dressing rooms became worth of a 1930's screen goddess, who grew old and retired to Boca Raton, and had no lawn any more on which to keep her pink flamingo. After the event, it must have been popular, for then next morning we found it a touch déshabillé, and we like it that way.

Thanks to those who think of our space as more than a store. It's as much a character as anyone who enters and leaves it. And most leave it for the better.