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how can i miss you if i don't go away ?

the pub we chose for a pint last night often features live music.

we were displaced from our table in order for friday night's duo to set up their gear and do the fussing those people do before getting down to it. this made us take extra notice of what would have generally escaped our attention.

one of the fellows was sporting a custom made harmonica belt, absolutely bubbling over with harmonicas. the belt itself had obviously been lovingly hand crafted. a long, long time ago. if i had to guess i would say at some point in the late seventies. brass pentagram buckle. studs baby, studs. and the most important detail ? made for a man both forty years and pounds younger.

i had a flash of musician friends of my own who had chucked it in for jobs selling bmw's, artists who now ponied up for the irregular cash of covering off a sick teacher, writers too buried in bureaucracy to pick up a pen come hell or high water. all their vitality and sparkly enthusiasm broken down by giving in. they took off their harmonica belts. to pay the rent. to nurse a parent. raise a child. meet the expectations of others.

these past few months our website has been down. both dave and i felt we weren't able to keep it fresh enough. i never quite learned how to post a photograph to this "user friendly easy to navigate" website, as sideways images from years past will attest. when we posted entries containing heartfelt words we felt vulnerable, afraid somebody might actually read the damn thing and find us to be all squishy and emotional. about a teacup. or a pyrex bowl. old photos of complete strangers we saved, and loved.

in these days crammed with the stimulus overload of time saving devices i was worried that we weren't being heard, or seen. as soon as we pulled the website it felt like a mistake. i assumed it was gone forever and we both mourned the moments in time we turned our backs on.

in its absence we learned we didn't care if anybody was reading it. we didn't care if we were judged to be a little bit whack. that the hand crafted harmonica belts our brains had our fingers type out pleased us, and that made us happy and that was good enough.

lets go with the assumption that much like our shop full of treasures, our blog only gets better with age.

if it sits quietly on an un-navigated shelf of the internet waiting to be dusted off and discovered so be it.

we only have pieces in our shop that we appreciate enough to have in our own homes should it come to be that nobody else sees the beauty of them. these words on these screens, the minutes spent shaping them, the struggles with technology to share beloved images bring us joy enough. we shall not surrender to, but embrace, the random nature of www.mrshuizenga.com. insert your favorite harmonica solo here. x0mrs


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