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depression glass and february. hmm.

some of you who read this blog on as regular a basis as it tumbles out will remember there was a flurry a while back - a few posts by dave, who is a picker who works at the shop with us.

he immediately retreated to radio silence with the thought that the picking was more suited to his sensibilites. i have to say, the shop has never looked better so i tend to agree. the thing about picking full time is that stuff does tend to accumulate. and bonds are formed. and just how thin is that line between accumulating and hoarding ? that question is possibly a low blow but

honestly ? there is a whack of depression glass-cobalt and amber and red sweet jesus- and i have peeked into a box of it on the back of a truck. is it in my shop ? no. it is not.

poole pottery ? boxes of it. the most stunning green wood kitchen utensils that never met a dishwasher i ever did see. in my inventory ? nope.

i am now going with the public taunting method so popular in these modern times. i think it is only reasonable to expect that stock purchased for the store should be in the store.

however,  it doesn't take in to account that thing that happens to us pickers sometimes. we fall for it. pieces get their hooks into us too. i know it has happened to me when i put a piece on the floor priced for a king. a blue enamel bowl for 65 dollars. that kind of thing.

i know it has happened to dave because i don't have these pieces. his house does. boxes and boxes of treasure. are they that much closer to being in the store, after this public outing ? betcha. i'll let you know.

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