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timing is everything

a mere ten days ago this scene existed on a high parkdale side street. a full on january miscommunication. when i took this picture it wasn't sideways, who even knows what could happen next ? nature and technology gone haywire. damn luddite blogger that i am we charge on,

if you don't live in the big smoke you may not know that winter is kind of a big deal for us here, a few years back we had to call in the military to shovel the sidewalks. (insert canned laughter here, for our winters are tidy little events compared to the bulk of the country, it just seems to bamboozle us city folk somewhat)

roncesvalles feels like a hopeful pussy willow these days. our street is blossoming despite the season of the snow. so much talent just pulled up and dropped down we feel the vibration of it down loro. mrs h is amused and encouraged by the sudden pinwheel of talent featured on the avenue.

The Store is busting a gut with fresh stock , perhaps before the snow takes these brave pussy willows you will save them and come see me for a vase ? or you could always go see sara up at sweetpeas and forget i was condoning liberating branches from a neighbors tree. yes, that might be better. just come for the vase then.

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Reader Comments (1)

'roncesvalles feels like a hopeful pussy willow...'
i LOVE this line! :)

January 15, 2012 | Unregistered Commenteranne

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