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Buying and Selling at Mrs. Huizenga's

{  Selling  }

Mrs. Huizenga is pleased to sell nice items to nice people.

We do this primarily via our retail store at 28 Roncesvalles (at Queen Street West), but we also set up at various Flea Markets from time to time, such as the Junction Flea, the Leslieville Flea, the Flea at Evergreen Brickworks, and others as the opportunities arise.

The store is the host for the Hookerson-Blough Auctions live in-store, on the third Thursday of each month. It’s here that we can tell you that we invite entertaining characters to serve and attend, and occasionally have to rescue lingerie from chests of drawers while they’re up on the block. This Globe and Mail article captured the essence of the auction beautifully.

If you spot something on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that you absolutely must have, just comment, email or phone the shop to inquire. If you are wishing for something, please get in touch via the previously mentioned methods—we will keep our eyes peeled and hope to make it happen.

Email: cat.huizenga [at] gmail [dot] com

Phone: 416-533-2112

{  buying  } 

We cannot have things to sell in the store or at auction without first finding them—or them finding us, and possibly then buying or consigning them. For the store, we prefer to purchase outright. For the auction, potential consignors can find information here.

Generally we are looking for stylish, well-maintained pieces from a broad range of eras. We are not purists and do not sell antiques exclusively, but we do prefer the pieces have a certain something that sets them apart.

Items must be fully functional, odour-free, mostly stain-free and ready to meet their new owners, unless they are of the delightfully decrepit chippy painty rusty patina variety, in which case we must just see their charm.

In order to decide if an item is appropriate for the shop we request a digital image via email, or a conversation with mrs huizenga. Surprising us with items only very occasionally works. Phone for an appointment—Tuesday is our preferred day in-store, but we’re flexible, and we’ll come to your home or place of work if it’s reasonable to do so.

Some things are almost 'always' items: brightly coloured Pyrex, pairs of great retro lamps, vintage toolboxes, interesting works of art or sculpture, stylish clothing and accessories pre-1970 …

Some things are pretty much 'never' items: beds, huge monster carpets, electronic devices, home appliances, video games ... OK, listen, if it is a Commodore 64, we take that back. xomrsh